Business Continuity and Resilience

Business continuity is about being prepared – having plans in place to respond to an unexpected event, such as a cyberattack or natural disaster. Business continuity plans mitigate risk to acceptable levels and allow the business to continue functioning regardless of circumstance. AEP’s business continuity program is a partnership between our corporate business continuity team, business units and the Infrastructure & Business Continuity (IBC) team. The IBC provides support, project management, expertise and tools to help business units develop robust plans to minimize business disruptions by decreasing response time, limiting financial impacts and maintaining customer confidence during a business interruption.

Our focus on business continuity is an absolute necessity. The threat of a cyber or physical attack or workplace-related incident is a risk for AEP, as are many other events that could interrupt business operations in one or all of our facilities.

We have an obligation to maintain service for our customers while keeping our customers and our employees safe. We test our plans to continuously improve our ability to effectively respond and recover in the event of an emergency. Business continuity must stay top of mind; our reputation is not based simply on whether we respond, but how effectively and thoroughly we respond and recover.

Once risks are identified, we can take proactive steps to make our business more resilient. Here are some of the resiliency initiatives AEP has taken to reduce risk across the enterprise:

  • Core asset improvements
    • Hardening of critical facilities (i.e. installing a redundant generator)
    • Inspection and maintenance program for wooden power poles and underground electrical networks
    • Primary data center moved to a remote location
  • Annual assessment and refinement
    • Business impact analysis
    • Exercises and drills to test plans
    • Ongoing training for Business Continuity Coordinators
    • Regular Business Continuity Plan review and updates