AEP’s Strategy for Sustainable Development

Our strategy for a sustainable future is to ensure the production and delivery of energy enables positive social and economic change for our customers, employees and communities. AEP’s mission to collaboratively redefine the future of energy is grounded by our culture of safety, continuous improvement and customer focus. We commit to aggressively support economic development, develop innovative solutions, champion education and make smart infrastructure investments that power our communities and improve lives. AEP will lead by example by setting strategic performance targets and goals, and we will be guided by these key principles:

Be a catalyst for change – We will use our knowledge, voice, skills and relationships to enable innovation, bring new technologies to market, modernize the grid to be the ultimate optimizer of all resources and technologies, and develop a diverse, inclusive workforce for the 21st century. We will do this safely and efficiently and by working with our regulators.

Support environmental stewardship – As we transition to a cleaner energy future, we will seek to continuously improve operations across our business to reduce, mitigate or eliminate the resulting impacts on the environment.

Support strong local communities – We have a responsibility to create shared value – for our customers, employees and the communities we serve. Our investments will enable those living in our communities to develop the skills and resources they need to build a sustainable future for themselves.

Be a trusted energy partner – We seek to be a trusted, credible partner that customers rely upon to help them navigate energy and technology choices, give them accurate and timely information they can act on, and be their provider of choice for safe, reliable electricity.

Setting New Sustainability Goals

In 2017, AEP began the work to set new sustainability goals. AEP first set sustainability goals in 2007 around developing renewable energy and reducing the demand for electricity, as well as reducing carbon emissions. We achieved nearly all of the goals we set within the designated timeframes. Today, many of our stakeholders are asking us about setting new goals. In addition, stakeholder interests go far beyond environmental performance and carbon to include talent development, workforce diversity and inclusion, water and safety and health.

Teams of employees are working on developing new sustainability goals; our intent is to begin to report on them in 2018. To support this work, the Enterprise Sustainability Council framed the meaning of sustainable development and our strategy for achievement to guide the goal-setting work.