Asset Health Center

Our investments in the transmission grid will improve reliability and resiliency, as well as lower the age of the system. Maintaining and modernizing this infrastructure to keep pace with the demands being placed upon it is a major undertaking. As we invest in replacing and rebuilding aging transmission across our service territory, we are also monitoring the system to spot issues before they become problems that affect our customers.

Jeff Fleeman: Asset Health

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AEP Transmission developed a systemwide analytical tool, called the Asset Health Center (AHC), to reduce unexpected equipment failures through enhanced real-time monitoring, enabling us to prioritize assets and resources. AEP Transmission deployed the AHC software in 2015. Since going into operation, the software has prevented three transformer failures at a cost savings of approximately $15 million.

The AHC was developed for extra-high-voltage (EHV) equipment with technology partner Ventyx/ABB. The AHC is implementing software to monitor lower voltage equipment (138-kV and lower) and has started a pilot program to monitor underground transmission facilities. We are also looking at how this technology may benefit our generation and distribution businesses. We are implementing a software update to the AHC that will expand the assets we will be able to monitor to include capacitor banks, transmission lines and underground cables.

AHC benefits customers and shareholders by helping to:

  • Reduce the consequences of equipment failure (and outages) with asset condition data, predictive analytics, and risk modeling.
  • Achieve system reliability, power availability, high-quality performance and compliance goals.
  • Optimize workforce productivity and safety by targeting maintenance where it is most needed.
  • Prioritize asset replacements (investments).
  • Reduce capital costs from unexpected failures.
  • Minimize risks associated with transformer failures.

AEP Transmission also developed a Reliability Assessment Tool to evaluate asset renewal needs and prioritize deployment of capital funds. This tool incorporates the AHC health and replacement scores and enables us to better track historical grid performance, project future system interruptions due to asset conditions, and predict the associated risk of reliability issues on the grid.

The tool has become integral to helping us optimize where we deploy capital on the system, delivering the most value to our customers. In 2017, the Transmission team plans to develop a standard process for prioritizing asset maintenance.