Virtual Damage Assessment

When a large-scale incident or major storm occurs, assessing the extent of damage is critical to restoring service. In 2016, AEP rolled out newly integrated damage assessment tools that provide our operating companies with faster and more consistent information to plan restoration efforts.

The new tools remove paperwork from data collection, which had delayed communicating assessment information in real time. In the past, AEP damage assessors were dispatched ahead of service crews to determine the problem. They would create handwritten notes, sometimes with a highlighter and pen to a map, about the potential cause and resources needed to make the repair. Without an electronic database to capture this information, crews had to rely on physical packets of information and work orders to start the restoration work.

Making data collection a virtual process is more consistent and efficient. Standardizing reporting and the work that we do is central to our commitment to continuous improvement. Having standard work practices in place eliminates barriers to success by streamlining processes and making them consistent across the enterprise.