Checks and Balances

We use our environmental, safety and health management system to improve our environmental performance and to measure, track and report our progress. By applying the principles of the ISO 14001 standard to managing environmental performance, we enable a cycle of continuous improvement that helps diminish the risk of compliance incidents.

One way we check our compliance is through internal audits. Audits provide additional focus on controlling risks and providing assurance that robust compliance processes are developed and implemented system-wide. In 2016, we conducted internal audits of environmental programs at 22 locations.

Our responsibility to environmental compliance will continue for requirements that remain effective at AEP-owned properties where generating units have been retired. This includes many existing state environmental requirements, in particular, those related to the management of water and coal-combustion byproducts. We continue to work with regulators to amend permits as we move through the decommissioning process.