Compliance Performance

Our facilities are subject to environmental regulatory and permitting requirements for which we must demonstrate compliance. Our goal is zero enforcement actions. We are also subject to routine environmental inspections of our facilities through scheduled – and unannounced – visits. During these visits, regulators inspect physical facilities and monitor our compliance with regulatory requirements, permit limits and record-keeping obligations.

Whenever agencies identify concerns, we work with them to address those issues in a timely fashion to their satisfaction. If enforcement actions are initiated, we work with the regulatory agency to resolve those actions and identify and implement any corrective measures that may be needed to mitigate future risks by preventing recurrences.

One of many voluntary actions we take to help drive continuous performance improvement is the use of an internal Environmental Performance Index for our generation business. The index monitors incidents for opacity, water quality permits and oil and chemical spills at our power generation facilities. We recorded 10 incidents in 2016, compared with six in 2015.

We are not satisfied with this performance and know we can do better. In 2017, we will realign our Environmental Performance Index to promote improved performance.

Ensuring environmental compliance is a priority for every project we undertake. In our Transmission business, we developed a mandatory environmental compliance training program and provide support from environmental specialists to ensure full compliance with environmental permit requirements. This is important to us as we invest $9 billion during the next three years to build new or rebuild transmission lines and facilities across the country.