Customer Experience

“We’ve been about customer service our entire history. This is about meeting our customers where they want to be met and giving them the personalized experience they want every time.” – Bruce Evans, Chief Customer Officer

Today’s consumers expect a personalized experience, more options and instant gratification. Technology is putting immediate information and choices in their hands, constantly raising the bar on what’s expected. Delivering a customer experience that meets or exceeds those expectations drives satisfaction and loyalty and is a competitive advantage for successful companies. AEP is committed to delivering a customer experience that rivals the best consumer-facing companies.

We are developing and deploying new products, programs and services our customers are asking for. We are also working with our regulators to begin thinking differently about how we serve our customers and why we need to evolve the traditional regulatory compact to keep pace.

It is important to understand that this dynamic is playing out across the electric utility industry. The pace of change is moving more quickly in some parts of the country, slower in others.