Safety and Health at AEP

To AEP, Zero Harm means we care for each other, we care enough to always choose the safest way to do a job, and we take responsibility and accountability for speaking up to prevent harm. Believing that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable is the cornerstone of our Zero Harm culture. In 2016, we renewed our commitment to Zero Harm - zero injuries, zero fatalities - by launching a five-year safety and health transformation effort.

Zero Harm Means We Care

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Despite increased attention on safety, we tragically experienced employee and contractor fatalities. The loss of any life is immeasurable, as it leaves a significant void in the lives of co-workers, family and friends. For the AEP family, these were the first work-related employee fatalities in four years. Although these heartbreaking events can never be undone, each loss strengthens our resolve to work harder toward Zero Harm. AEP is committed to learning from each of these events because We Care about each other to ensure we are working safely and that every employee goes home to their family each day in the same or better condition than they came to work.

AEP recognizes that our safety and health transformation requires steady, relentless effort and a passion for excellence from every employee. We know that achieving Zero Harm happens one day at a time. We are committed to this goal and to every employee and contractor working at AEP.