Stakeholder Engagement

Our ability to make informed decisions relies on the strength of the relationships we have with our stakeholders. At AEP, stakeholder engagement is simply good business. 2017 marks a decade of delivering on our commitment to engaging with many different stakeholders.

During that time, we have cultivated a commitment to engagement and transparency by being accessible, responsive, honest and open with those with whom we engage. We seek to foster healthy, trusting relationships that turn conflict into cooperation and, ultimately, into partnership and collaboration.

Two-way dialogue with our stakeholders on current and emerging issues helps us to identify risks and opportunities, develop responsible business strategy and practices, and provide valuable insights that dispel misperceptions about AEP. As we invest billions of dollars in new infrastructure to modernize and improve reliability of the grid, transform to a clean energy future and revitalize and strengthen our communities, it’s important that we understand our stakeholders’ concerns and priorities and they understand our intent.

Our experience is that the full extent of AEP’s transformation progress is not as well understood among stakeholders as we like to think. Consequently, we proactively engage with stakeholders to present the facts and promote a deeper understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities we face. We encourage open dialogue and seek to identify potential opportunities for collaboration.

AEP’s team that leads stakeholder engagement at the corporate level includes the leaders of Generation, Corporate Sustainability, Environmental Services, Investor Relations, Legal, Technology Business Development, Utilities, External Affairs and Strategic Policy Analysis. In some cases, AEP’s CEO, CFO and Corporate Secretary join the discussion.

AEP’s Strategy for Engagement

  • Engage stakeholders most likely to impact AEP’s financial, operational and reputational integrity.
  • Be accessible, open, transparent, responsive.
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate.