Developing Our Employees

Transformational change requires a more progressive and thoughtful approach in how we attract, hire, train, develop and retain new and current employees. By investing in our human capital – our employees – we are investing in our future.

AEP provides development opportunities for employees at every level, whether through mentoring programs or educational assistance.

Providing tools and training is part of our commitment to employee development. AEP provides a broad range of training and assistance that supports lifelong learning and transition development. Programs develop knowledge, competencies and learning that collectively benefit our employees, AEP’s business objectives, and our communities.

Our knowledge and skills development strategy is accomplished through our processes for ongoing performance coaching, operational skills training, resources to support our commitment to environment, safety and health, job progression training, tuition assistance, and other forms of training that help employees improve their skills and become better leaders. In 2016, AEP employees completed just under 1 million hours of training, as tracked in our corporatewide learning management system.

To ensure a pipeline for our future workforce needs, AEP has training alliances with various community colleges and vocational and technical schools across our 11-state service territory. We work with these institutions to develop academic programs needed to prepare employees for upward mobility opportunities and to attract external job seekers interested in careers in our industry. Our education partners include The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, Mid-East Career & Technical Center, Texas State Technical College, Morgan State University, Tennessee State University and Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, among many others.

AEP also actively recruits active and veteran military personnel. Learn more about our efforts to support our veterans.

AEP also provides development opportunities for employees at every level, whether through informal professional development opportunities, AEP’s educational assistance program or formal targeted development plans. Several of AEP’s Employee Resource Groups and utility professional groups, such as Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals (WiNUP), sponsor programs and events that focus on employee education, career advancement, and personal and professional development.

A more formal program, called Targeted Development, provides specific, targeted development opportunities for employees who exhibit the desire and long-term potential for success in higher leadership roles within the company. The program is designed to provide AEP with an ongoing talent pool for future leadership opportunities and ensure the right talent is available to lead the organization in the future. In 2016, approximately 130 employees participated in targeted development programs across the company.

AEP provides education assistance of up to $5,250 annually for each individual employee, which includes 100 percent reimbursement for required textbooks. Rotational and mentoring programs are available within some of our business units as well.