Labor Relations

More than one fourth of AEP’s workforce is represented by labor unions. We value the relationships we have with our unionized employees and believe in a trusting, collaborative and respectful partnership. We are working with our labor partners to strengthen these relationships to ensure we have a culture that attracts and supports employees who can adapt to the rapid changes occurring in our company and industry. Our partnership with labor is critical to meeting the growing expectations of our customers and adapting to the challenges of rapidly changing technologies.

In 2015, we negotiated three-year collective bargaining agreements and wage packages with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA). Multiyear agreements enhance continuity for both the company and the workforce. We will begin the next negotiation cycle during the third quarter of 2017 and expect to convert all AEP collective bargaining agreements to comprehensive three-year agreements.

Our relationship often goes beyond the confines of a contract. Together, we’re expanding our focus on safety while enhancing productivity. We are also working together with labor leaders to support the President’s focus on infrastructure development across the nation. Our labor-management relationship continues to grow as our workforce becomes more flexible, creative and engaged.